There and Back Again…

March 28, 2010

Just got into San Diego after a grueling drive from Columbus, OH.  The drive that took us 38 hours to complete will take 6 weeks to bike back.  It’s great to finally be able to stretch out after trying to find a comfortable spot in the back of a 15-passenger van for so long.

It’s exciting to finally be getting started!  This is something that I’ve been looking forward to for over 2 years.  There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm as the group has all those awkward conversations that always occur when a group of people are at the beginning of creating a community.  NOLS describes the process of group dynamic with four words: forming, norming, storming and performing (alternatively “adjourning”).  Right now we are in the forming stage, as we start to build bonds with one another, and begin to create a unique culture with its own rituals, humor and system of due process.

It is exciting to at this point!  It will be interesting to see what happens from this point on.  Stay tuned, true believer, and as my adventures here unfold I will keep you apprised of the events of Ride for World Health 2010.



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