From Yuma with Love

April 4, 2010

Hey guys,

Just wanted to quickly update you on my progress, and wish you a happy Easter!  Today we biked from El Centro, CA to Yuma, AZ.  Sarah Voss, a.k.a. the Vossinator, and I were drafting each other all morning as we flew through the farm roads of eastern California.  Drafting is where one bicyclist stays close behind another and uses the first to cut the wind.  The second person works much less hard, and so it is a way to keep your speed higher than you would be able to alone.  We are blowing through tubes on our tires at a scary pace, and one of the local bike shop owners told us that this is area is well known for popping bike tires.

Tonight in leau of having a teaching event in Yuma we set up shop at the local Buffalo Wild Wings, where the owner almost kicked me out of the restaurant.  We all were ordering beer, and the waiter asked to see our IDs.  Apparently I left my ID in my bike jersey, and told him I didn’t have it on me.  So I ordered a Root Beer instead.  My buddy, who’s Mormon, said that he’d order a beer for me, and then drink my root beer (his drink of choice).  So when the drinks came out I grabbed the beer and he grabbed the Root Beer.

Well next thing I know this dude in a Sturgis t-shirt comes up to me and asks to speak with me.  I told him to give me a moment because my friend was taking a picture.  He says, “Trust me, this is more important.”  So he then proceeds to tell me that I’m drinking without an ID, and that if it was anyone else he’d just kick me out of the restaurant, but since I’m here with friends of his he’s going to give me one warning, but if he sees me touching a beer again I’m outta there.

So clearly this is a ridiculous situation!  I’m not exactly a spring chicken.  I was kinda pissed, and also wondered how this dude just happened to know so much.  Later the waiter approached me and explained everything.  He said that since he carded me and I didn’t have an ID he had to tell his management.  Failure to do so would have cost him his job.  So the owner has cameras all over the place, and I guess he was watching me, and when I started drinking the beer, he intercepted.  It’s kinda creepy to think that you’re being target like that without even knowing it.  I mean how often are people watching us without our knowing about it?  I wasn’t doing anything illegal as far as I was concerned.

Tomorrow I’m in the support vehicles with my team.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it to a church service to celebrate Easter.



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