Pictures worth a thousand words

April 5, 2010

I realize that I haven’t posted any pictures, which is more due to 1. my lazyness with downloading pictures from my camera into my computer and 2. my lazyness in not actually taking pictures.

BUT I will make amends tonight with one major purge of all the great pictures to this point.

I think this picture rivals the great Dutch painters, such as Rembrandt.  I call it “Three Men with a Tyre”.  Brian is fixing his tire whilst Tim and Jeff observe, coach, and otherwise generally add interest to the picture.

This is the first hill we climbed on our first day, while leaving beautiful San Diego.  We just reached 1600 feet after climbing for three miles.  Little did we know that we’d be climbing a total of roughly 6100 feet that day!

Jess being a good sport after climbing the first big hill on her second day ever riding a road bike!  Way to step up Jess!!!

The author at the end of the first day’s ride: very weary and happy to finally be at the camp ground.  People say I look like a white version of Snoop Dog with my “corn row” hair style.  Thanks to the Trek Team Volkswagen helmet for keeping my head safe and my hair stylish!

Katie Kidwell modeling what’s new in Ride for World Health fashion: a windproof hoodie to fit over your helmet!

Jess and Megan enjoying the easy life down an incline on today’s ride.

The Ride for World Health Cargo Van (a.k.a. Buzz) showing off its good looks on Old Highway 80, somewhere between Yuma and Dateland, AZ.

More to come!  Happy Easter and God Bless everyone!!!



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