The Magnificent Seven

April 12, 2010


…Never before have seven physicians, public health professionals and IT specialists given up so much for those who have so little… Never before has adventure taken on such an important purpose… Never before has there been…

…The Magnificent Seven…!

These seven riders set the pace for the pack, moving as a coordinated, fluid unit, and giving Floyd Landis his greatest challenge.  These seven will come from out of nowhere and be on your tail in a moment’s notice.  They will pass you at unprecedented speeds, and be a dot on the horizon faster than you can imagine.  …At least until one of them blows a tire.

The Magnificent Seven are: Sam Hartman, Justin Hepker, Chris D’Ardenne, Jeff Fujii, Tim Mitchell, Pete Croft, and Adam Koon.

These guys will kick your butt, educate you about global health disparities, and then press you for a donation to the Ride for World Health.  Simply stated: they’re deadly.


One Response to “The Magnificent Seven”

  1. Zak said

    Thats my boy Sam!!! Congrats to all seven of you guys!! Much respect.

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