Ambulance Driver &.

April 21, 2010

So there I was about to purchase the perfect western shirt with little blue flowers on it, and I get that call that nobody ever wants: “Travis fell and is hurt, he’s not moving man.  We need you here as soon as you can get here.”  Frustration as the shirt goes back on the rack, and I peel out of Dandy’s Western Clothing store as if I just robbed the place.

I haul the van into gear and see how fast 15 P’s can go down the Frontage Road, driving down the yellow line to minimize the chance that I’d drift into either shoulder and make an unhappy ever after.  It would have been easy enough to blaze down I-20, except I didn’t know where on our route the accident was, plus I still had to technically “sweep” the route.

Now I’m sure a route has never been swept so quickly in R4WH history.  Those brothers Dukes and their General Lee would have been proud of the effort that Ol’ Gray Goose displayed on those roads.  Taking the last curve I see a band of R4WH’ers underneath a viaduct.  Apparently I had frightened the team because they didn’t know where I was coming from, but they could tell I was coming fast.

We loaded Travis up, already bundled up in a windbreaker sling and swath, and Sarah Voss, complete with bikes on the roof, and then we put the pride of Thule, Sweden to the test as I did what I could to see if those bikes could come off the roof while making the 24 miles to Abilene Medical Center.  The only thing the experience was lacking was lights and sirens.

So the good news is Travis wasn’t that seriously hurt.  Looks like he may have an AC separation, or a soft tissue injury.  OK, guys, lets learn from this: no more BMX biking on the roadies.


One Response to “Ambulance Driver &.”

  1. Sam said

    Damn! Glad he’s okay. Some crazy adventures, dude…

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