2010 Arkadephia Olympiad

April 29, 2010

For our amusement this afternoon, Team Tango (formerly Team Tangerine) hosted the great Ride for World Health Olympics in the town of Arkadelphia, AR.

Four teams of riders competed in five events for the ultimate glory and bragging rights.  The events were as follows: wheelbarrow water drinking contest, Play-Dough Sculpting Contest, Water Balloon Toss, Spinney Bat Relay,  and Pie Eating Contest.  Teams were awarded Gold (5 points), Silver (3 points), Bronze (1 point), or nothing.

I was part of team Rice Water Stool (RWS).  The members of team RWS were Katie Kidwell (team captain), Adam Koon, Heidi Gollogly, Jess Wilson, and Andrew Nyberg (&.).

Here is a rough synopsis of each event:

In the Wheelbarrow contest, team RWS dominated.  All team members were strong, but Adam Koon had an incredible ability to walk with his hands, assisted by driver Andrew Nyberg.  Team RWS easily took Gold.

In the Sculpting contest, each team had to make a bicycle out of play-dough clay.  RWS chose a more artistic approach, creating the Ride for World Health logo bike with “R4WH” above, and a team rider below, holding up the bicycle as a symbol of victory.  For the depth of artistic quality, RWS should have been the clear winner, however the Gold was awarded to to Team Clonorchis, and RWS received Silver.  This put RWS and Clonorchis in a tie with 8 points each!

In the next event, teams broke up into two pairs to throw a water ballon between them at ever increasing distances.  Therefore each team had TWO chances to score points.  Heidi and I were showing promise, when I threw the balloon, and she caught it, but the balloon burst!  Luckily Adam and Jess were in their element with this event, and ended up with another Gold!  Team Clonorchis won two bronze medals, leaving the front runners at 13 to 10.

The Spinney Bat relay woud be the Achilles heal of RWS.  Since we were in the lead, we were asked to go first in this timed event.  Each team member had to run to a bat, spin around it 8 times with the bat between their forehead and the ground.  They then had to run back to their team, so the next person could go.  Although our time was miserably slow, thanks to an unfortunate fall from Jody, we were 0.17 seconds behind the slowest team, earning us an important Bronze.  Clonorchis again won Gold, leaving the score after 4 events 14 to 15 with Clonorchis in the lead by 1 point!

The last event was the no-hands Pie Eating contest.  Four contestants, Adam, Jess, Andy and Katie, stepped up to the plate for this challenge.  It was planned that we would take turns attacking the Cool Whip and Gram Cracker pie while Heidi held the pie.  This plan soon dissolved into the four of us clobbering the pie as quickly as possible.  In a moment of triumph, our judge, Maggie, called us complete moments before Judge Jen called it for team Clonorchis.  The judges conferred, and ruled that RWS was the ultimate victor, leaving the final score 19 to 18!

It is exciting to be an olympian, but winning the Gold makes all the difference.  Now I feel on par with the great ones, like Lindsay Vonn and Apollo Ohno.  I’m trying not to let this victory go to my head, but there is pride that comes from being a victor at the Arkadephia Olympics of 2010.

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One Response to “2010 Arkadephia Olympiad”

  1. Gary Nyberg said

    Hi Poijks, Just cought up with all hyour blogs and am amazed at what a creative writer you are! I loved the references to “West Texas Dips” and Spectacle Lake, what great memories! Keep smiling (I know you will) and God Bless. Love, Dad

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