Dog days of Arkansas

April 29, 2010

So we finally made it through Texas!  It was a long journey, but I am still surprised how fast this trip has been.  How are we already on the back nine of this golf course?

Arkansas in the spring time kinda reminds me of northern Minnesota in the summer.  We’re now biking through these old forests of Southern Pines and Oaks, and the smell of the pine needles reminds me of our family cabin on Spectacle Lake between Cambridge and Princeton, MN.  We had a lot of good times on that lake, and if I were there now, I’d kindle a fire in the old fireplace, open the sliding glass doors and listen to the loon calls as I curl up with a good book.

One thing I’ve learned about the people from Arkansas is that they love their dogs.  We are constantly being barked at by dogs, which puts us on edge because there are a surprising number who are not chained up.  I don’t understand it, but it seems like the singular purpose of life for these dogs is to chase down bicycle tires.  Luckily most of the dogs start barking immediately and warn you of their approach.  However some just kind of catch you out of the blue, and others are shockingly swift and determined to get at you.  I had one dog chase me for at least a quarter of a mile today.

You suddenly realize how fast you COULD BE going when you’re trying to avoid a dog.  It’s like 25-30 mph is no longer a problem, at least in the short term.

If Arkansas continues this way, I will pass through many beautiful forests, with slow, meandering rivers, and will have some great opportunities to work on my sprinting!

Good night, True Believers,


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