The power of a broken spoke

May 11, 2010

Last night, after visiting Mammoth Caves, we were invited to the Lions Club meeting at the Pizza Hut in Leitchfield, KY.  Never being able to pass up a free dinner, especially all you can eat Pizza Hut pizza, we were pretty excited to get a serious feeding frenzy going.

When we got their, we met a couple of boys who also were bicycling across the country.  One was from London, England and the other from Kenya.  They are bicycling across the country to raise money for autism research.  They started in New York City and were headed to San Francisco.  They were unsupported, and were invited to this dinner by the local bicycle shop owner after they stopped to fix a broken spoke.

The bicycle shop owner had set up for us to stay in the county fairgrounds, and he invited these young men to join us.  So we got to talk with them about our experiences and theirs.  They had no set route, but were just generally going west, and needed to be in San Fran by a certain date.  They would bike all day and then find a place to set up their tent at night.

When I learned that one of them wasn’t even sleeping on an sleeping mat, I offered mine for the night, which he gratefully accepted.  I had already set up to sleep in a Teardrop camper for the night (sounds weird, I know, but this guy had his camper at the fair, and my Dad and I have always talked about these things…).

As soon as I had lent my sleeping mat out, I knew I’d never sleep on it again.  It was the feeling of a quiet voice inside me, on that would have been so easy to ignore and never think about again, but I just knew that these boys had a need for a sleeping mat, and that I was supposed to fulfill that need.  This sounds like a small thing, but when you bike all day, and then sleep on a gym floor at night, a sleeping mat is critical.

But there was still that voice.  And I knew that if I trust God in this matter, he will provide for me.  Living by Faith is a scary thing, and in this small area, I could have some uncomfortable nights ahead of me.  As for tonight, I have already found some cushions at our host’s house that will serve well as a sleeping mat for tonight.

Leitchfield to New Albany by embricate at Garmin Connect – Details.


One Response to “The power of a broken spoke”

  1. David Bayly said

    Good move. David

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