How we get what we need

May 13, 2010

So resource utilization is a funny thing when you’re bicycling across the country.  Most people really take for granted things like showers, internet, electricity, bathrooms, etc. because they always have them available.

Internet is a great example.  Many places we stay at don’t provide internet.  That can be a major thing when you’re trying to apply for a medical licence, buy a home, pay bills, blog, check email, route plan, or check the weather.  At times we’ve gone to great lengths, literally driving to McDonalds or to a Vegan Restaurant (Thanks Sam!) just to get some internet.

But today’s situation has to take the cake.  I’m currently standing at a lectern in an empty classroom in a random hospital (Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH) to provide you fine people with my stream of consciousness.  To imagine that a hospital would not only leave its classrooms unlocked, but would have computers that didn’t require passwords.  Any bum off the street could come in and use them, which is exactly what I am: a bum with a really nice bike!


One Response to “How we get what we need”

  1. Sam said

    Yep! Do it!

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