Happy Holi!

March 5, 2015


So there is this Hindu story of an ancient battle High Noon style battle between good and evil, Vishnu and Hiranyakashipu.  It is said that after Vishnu defeated Hiranyakashipu, he created color in celebration.

Each year around this time, the festival of Holi, or the Color Festival, is celebrated by Hindus all over the world.  We had been hearing about this festival for a few days, and of course were planning on attending, however the Holi festival ended up being one of the most surprisingly awesome experiences of the trip, and a great time for the Manang and Pheriche groups to bond and have fun before our departure to our respective aid posts.  What follows is a series of photos, each going a bit further down the rabbit hole.



This is our “pre-festival” formal shot.  From L to R: Remi (Manang volunteer), me (Pheriche volunteer), Katie (Pheriche volunteer), Reuben (Pheriche, spouse of Katie), Renee (Pheriche, volunteer), Emily (Manang), Lara (Manang volunteer), Christina (friend).


Reuben and I at the start of the festival.


Kind of a color beard, still looking pretty clean.


Lara excited about color.


Christina, Renee, and me


We followed the crowds to the Basantapur Durbar Square, where this Rave was going on.  Spontaneously fun party of thousands of people full of color and dancing.  Watch my video of the party on YouTube here.



Lara getting a better view.


Remi getting into the festival



Portrait of the artist…IMG_1073



The Pheriche Crew: Andrew, Katie, Reuben, and Renee.


The Manang Crew: Remi, Lara, and Emily


Katie full of color


Enjoying a beer after the festival.


The “post festival” formal shot.


One last selfie before cleaning up.


One Response to “Happy Holi!”

  1. Bonnie Hankinson said

    Grt pics, Andrew!! Reminds me of you as a little boy..either
    at the lake, farm or our backyard..after your BIG cousins
    had gotten to you!!!!!!! looks like fun times~~ENJOY> XO
    Aunite Bonnie

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